Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included in the cost of my trip?
    * Round trip ground transportation from POP (Puerto Plata) Airport (During arranged time only) * International Hotel Accomodations * International Hotel Taxes * Tours as outlined in the itinerary * Experienced and bilingual guides * Full breakfast (depending on your package) * All expenses related to the games (umpires, balls, field fees, etc.)
  2. Will I have a problem if I do not speak Spanish?
    You will have a bilingual guide(s) with you to help you, answer any questions and show you around.
  3. What is not included in the cost of my trip?
    * Airline tickets - book your flights to Puerto Plata Airport (POP) * Most meals (depending on plan) * Team uniforms (required) * Laundry services * Dominican Republic Tourist Tax - $10 per person * Tips for guides and drivers
  4. Is it safe?
    The area is very safe and there is no need to take any special safety precautions. Children hitchhike to school every day here without problems. The native people are friendly and accustomed to seeing foreigners due to the many tourists that come here from all over the world and the ex patriots that live here permanently.
  5. What do I need to take care of when I arrive?
    Nothing. We have everything set up, reserved and under control. Just enjoy yourself!
  6. Can I do something different that is not on the itinerary?
    Of course you can. If you want to go diving, snorkeling, rent dirt bikes or ATV's, surf, wind surf, kite surf or anything else, all you have to do is tell us in advance and we will arrange it for you.
  7. There are two tours in the package. Can I change them or eliminate them?
    Yes. If you change or eliminate them then it is for the whole team. Eliminating one or more will reduce the price. Changing any tour will change the price according to the tour.
  8. There is lots of free time during the day. Can you schedule activities for us to fill in the time?
    We can if you want but it will increase the cost and make some people pay for activities they may not be interested in. We want this to be a vacation where you can choose what you want to do most of the time when you are not playing softball. You will want this free time when you get here and its better everyone makes their own decisions.
  9. How is my team going to be matched up against an opponent?
    Rate your team from 1 through 5 with 5 being a great team that wins at least 80% of their games against good competition. Rate yourself a 4 and you consider yourself a very good team. 3 is average and we do not expect anyone to rate themselves a 1 or 2 as they probably would not take this trip to begin with but its ok to come if you are a 1 or 2 team. We will do our best to match you against equally skilled teams and your opponents for games 3, 4 and 5 can be altered depending on your games 1 and 2 performance.
  10. What rules will be used for these games?
    All games will be played under international softball rules.
  11. Is our team required to wear uniforms?
    Yes. You must wear your team uniform for all games. If you want to play as a team representing the USA or Canada we can have those jerseys available for you but you must let us know as soon as you sign up for your trip. You will still have to supply your own pants. Cleats are also required.
  12. What if we cannot get nine players to go?
    No problem. We can get some players here to play with your team if you can't round up nine players to make the trip.
  13. What about bats, gloves and balls?
    You are expected to bring your own fielding gloves. If you do not want to travel with bats or catcher's gear we will have them for you here. We supply all game balls.
  14. Can we use players from other teams who normally do not play with us?
    Of course you can. Its not always easy to find nine people who can make a trip at any given time. Bring who you can and have a great time!
* Passport Fees