Optional Between Games Activities
  1. Beaches
    You may want to spend lots of time at the many beautiful beaches in the area. Get some sun, swim, walk and it does not cost anything (unless you rent a chair for $4). You can walk for miles and miles in either direction on Cabarete beach and not reach the end. The beach is all powder sand and easy on your feet. Check out Encuentro beach where there are surf schools if you want to surf. Other local beaches in Puerto Plata can be visited and your guide will advise you if you are interested. Many will choose to just relax on the beach near their hotel only. Its your choice and you do not have to choose till you are here.
  2. Swim With Dolphins
    Swim With Dolphins
    Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina & Casino is the most complete entertainment complex of the Dominican Republic, located in Cofresi Beach, just 3 miles west from the town of Puerto Plata. This entertainment complex is made of an elegant Marina, a unique marine park that allows visitors to interact with marine mammals and the outstanding building where our clients will have the opportunity to enjoy restaurants, bars, and theatre with live dance show, casino and a disco-lounge.and facilities. You could also use it to introduce your team, their roles and why they are so important to your business.
  3. Fishing
    The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is world renowned for great Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna and Marlin fishing. Sosua Game Fishing is based from Playa Sosua. An ideal location for the best fishing in the Dominican Republic.  Leaving from beautiful Sosua Beach you can begin fishing 500 yards out because the ocean floor drops to more than 800 ft. You can charter a boat for half a day fishing in the morning or afternoon. These charters are for approximately 4 and a half hours.
  4. Cock Fights
    Cock Fights
    Cockfighting is an old tradition in Dominican Republic and considered to be a sport. It dates back to the pre-Spanish era. It is a sporting event and not considered to be cruelty. It is a business, a hobby, and a way to make some extra money. Cockfighting is enjoyed by all social levels. Rich and poor alike enjoy a good cock fight. Also a way to have a good time with friends. Going to the arena is defiantly a social event. All gather to watch and enjoy the game, men (mostly men), women and sometimes children.
  1. Gamble
    For a fun night on the town try a Dominican Casino. These casinos are set in a scenic tropical setting, making your night out a fun adventure. The casinos feature typical blackjack, craps, roulette, poker and slot machines. Players must be at least 18 years of age.Overlooking the marina stands the landmark Ocean World Casino. The spectacular four-story building is an aquatic themed casino that features extraordinary mosaics of whales, dolphins, and tropical fish. Each floor offers visitors different experiences from five-star dining, live music, gaming, spectacular ocean views, cocktail lounges and featuring the tropical and exotic Bravissimo Show.
  2. ATV or Dirt Bike
    ATV or Dirt Bike
    Get out of your car and onto an ATV, taking you along off-road trails to some of the Dominican Republic's most picturesque natural scenery. No matter your level of ATV-driving experience, this excursion is a fun-filled adventure into some of the Dominican Republic's lesser-known wild terrain. Upon arriving at the ATV course, take a moment for safety instruction, an overview of vehicle handling and a short practice run to test out your ride. Once you start feeling comfortable, it’s time to head into the forest for your 4x4 experience.Motor along the varied landscape as you ascend hills and pass gorgeous lakes, stopping for photos at a few of the most picture-worthy spots. Read more about San Juan ATV Adventure Tour - San Juan | Viator at: https://www.viator.com/tours/San-Juan/San-Juan-ATV-Adventure-Tour/d903-5229ATVCR?pub=vcps
  3. City Tour
    City Tour
    The city of Puerto Plata is lined by an oceanfront boulevard (Malecon) known for its open-air restaurants, shops, and nightlife. This is a scenic area to explore and enjoy Dominican culture. When in the city one can't help but notice the massive walls of Castillo de San Felipe, the oldest military fortification in the Americas. The area boasts large historic area with buildings dating back to the 1600's. While in this area it is definitely worth a tour of the amber museum. The museum includes samples of ancient fossils, some worth as much as $50k. Also take advantage of the rum factories in the area. These and other tours are available throughout the city of Puerto Plata.
  4. Zip Lining
    Zip Lining
    Located between Sosua and Cabarete, 9Km up El Choco, RD, Monkey Jungle offers something for every age. Open 7days a week, 365 days a year, this 280 acre working farm provides a 4,500 foot ACCT Certified Zip Line with 7 Stations and a free fall fan descender droppin almost 60 feet into an ancient cave. You will also tour a five acre botanical garden located in an old grotto, with 25 squirrel monkeys posing for pictures, sitting on heads and shoulders, without fear of humans. A large enclosure houses rescue cappochins who entertain and provide countless memories.
  5. Amber Museum
    Amber Museum
    Displays pieces taken from the amber mines in the Northerm Mountains with millennial fossils. The museum is located at Duarte Street #61, close to the Central Park. The building that houses the museum is considered a splendid sample of neoclassical architecture with Victorian influence. By the way it's open every day except Sunday
  6. Cigar Factory
    Cigar Factory
    Relax on a tour through the mountains on the way to Santiago, where you can visit a cigar factory. Santiago is the center of the cigar industry. Cigars are made individually by craftsmen, who roll as many as 300 a day. The Dominican Republic exports nearly 60 million cigars annually. The main markets for Dominican cigars are the United States and western Europe. There are several opportunities to visit cigar factories if you are visiting the Central region of the Dominican Republic.
  7. Whale Watching
    Whale Watching
    During January through early April, humpback whales return to the bay at Samana each year. The bay is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Puerto Plata's International Airport, but is well worth a day trip or an overnight stay. Thousands of humpback whales from the North Atlantic migrate to the waters of the Dominican Republic each winter to mate and give birth. One of these gathering places is Samana Bay. More than 1,500 humpbacks visit the bay, with as many as 300 present at any given time during mating season. Due to time concerns, this tour is not recommended unless you are staying longer than the standard five days.